Complete Excercise for ABs

This short video shows what are the exercises you have to do and how many times you have to do in a very short time..

Do It…

Lay on the floor now do this

Alternating toe touch
raise legs, touch right toe with left palm. comeback and now touch left toe with right palm..
Do it for 45 sec or 15 reps each.

Ankle wiggles
fold your legs. touch your right leg ankle with right palm.
repeat for left side. Do it for 15 reps.

Hip thrust
raise your legs and place your arms on ground, now push your hip up (just fuck upwards)
Do it for 15 reps

Stiffed leg reversed crunch
Place your hands below ur back for support, now raise your both legs up forming 90 deg and down the legs till about 1ft from ground.

Single V-Sit

fold left leg. stretch your arms along floor. raise arms and right leg at a time to touch the toe. Do this for 15 reps.
Do the same for right left for 15 reps.

Take 15 sec break b/w each one.
After 1 complete Set, Do 5 minutes Drill(pump up heart beat)
Perform each one for 2 sets continuesly then go to next exercise.

How much to do…

· 45 seconds per exercise

· 15 second break in between

· Total number of circuits: 2-3

Watch this and have ripped Abs


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