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Presenting a list of 14 Free and useful web based applications that can always come in handy. Most of these apps are better alternatives to a paid software/application that you are already using. I use most of these services on almost daily basis and thought it would be a good share.

Warranty Elephant


Warranty Elephant is a useful online service, free of-course, which lets you track warranties. It’s a unique website designed to organize your warranty information on all purchased goods. Your warranty information will be stored for free on their secure server and will be listed by date of warranty expiration. An easy click on the item will allow you to obtain all valid warranty information on that product, including handy telephone numbers and your product’s serial number. You also get reminder emails at 3 months, 1 month and 1 week before your warranty expires.



With Site-Perf, you get an accurate, realistic, and helpful estimation of your site’s loading speed. The script fully emulates natural browser behaviour downloading your page with all the images, CSS, JS and other files – just like a regular user. Spot bottlenecks, reach perfect performance and balance your site load with, a smart and flexible testing tool. Focus on important things while it delivers the speed facts straight to your screen.

Whisper Bot

Send A Note

Are you at a public spot where you don’t want to use your private email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc..) but need to send a message to someone. Check out whisper bot, it’s a great service that lets you send a note to anyone you want to, online. No sign-up required, just click Send a note, add the recipients email address, answer a simple question (to avoid spam) and click Send. Your message will be delivered instantly.



Evernote is a popular web service that most of us know about. It lets you save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free. It gives you the ability to capture everything, websites, text, pictures, screenshots etc. You can also organize them, find whatever you want to in no time and more.



Show Document is a quick and simple way to share a document with other people at the same time. It is a web collaboration platform that lets individuals have a free online meeting. It is an alternative to various commercial desktop sharing applications. One can easily upload any file and during the session mark it up with a pen or a highlighter tool in addition to a text box tool and eraser. There is also a chat box to discuss ideas and changes. Everyone’s cursor is tracked with their name as it moves around the screen.

No Sign up required and you can start on the spot by clicking quick start. Click invite more participants to invite more people in for collaborative work.



Soshiku is a simple but powerful tool that manages your high school or college assignments. Soshiku keeps track of when your assignments are due and can even notify you via email or SMS. And it’s totally free.

visualize is a social bookmarking website for visual contents — (read visualize us) allows you to remember your favorite images around the web, and share them with everyone. Sometimes, you are looking through pictures and one of them catches your eye. You know you want to remember it and been able to look at it again in the future, but it’s not that easy: downloading to your hard disk is as useless as bookmarking the website in the usual way.

This is where changes the rules. Within two clicks, you can quote the image reference in your account, and easily look at it whenever you want to, just as your new favorite picture deserves. All without thinking about what computer you stored it in: always online, always available.



Feedity is a revolutionary service that generates RSS web feeds for web pages without a web syndication format. With Feedity you can create an RSS feed for any webpage. Feedity allows feed subscribers, webmasters, organizations, and developers to seamlessly interact with web content. Feedity will take virtually any web page, and convert it into a fully formed RSS document.

Primo PDF


PrimoPDF’s free Web-based PDF converter, PrimoOnline, is the simple and fast way to create PDF files, online, without installing a thing. Just upload your file or enter a URL, provide your email address, and our server-based PDF creator will quickly convert it, and deliver the PDF straight to your inbox.

Color Jive

Color Jive

ColorJive is a free online service that lets you upload pictures of your room and then provides you with very easy tools to see how the room would look with a different paint color! You can keep on trying your color combinations till you find one which suits your tastes. You can safely pick that color with all your fears removed.

That fact that ColorJive is free makes it even better. And as if that was not enough to impress users, ColorJive requires no registration whatsoever! (However, if you would like ColorJive to save the pictures you modify, then you will need to register for a free account.)



Load2All is a great service that lets you upload files on multiple hosting services. The best thing about this service is that if you have a file which has a larger file size apposed to  limit imposed by file hosting sites, it will automatically split it and give you a single download link.


Shortening long URLs is something that often comes handy. Shorter links are easier to remember and take up lesser place if you plan on posting them on a site or a forum. is a free service that lets you shorten any long URL with just a click of a button. You can either shorten URLs from Ye-s’s homepage or simply drag their bookmarklet into your browsers bar. This bookmarklet will shorten the link of your current page and show it to you instantly.

Compare My Docs

If you have multiple versions of a text document and you want to see exactly what’s different about the text in each version, you might have to play around in your Word processing software a little before you can get the changes to be displayed. But with CompareMyDocs, you can simply upload your files and have the changes present themselves to you.

Zoho Writer


I started using Zoho Writer when my MS Office license expired. After that I never thought of renewing it (since it came with the OS). Zoho writer takes care of all my needs when it comes to writing. An excellent online alternative to Microsoft Office.


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