Bypass Corporate Firewall Restrictions


Getting Uuhhh….on your office/school firewall for not allowing access to facebook. No Worries, just proxy your system in your home and enjoy unrestricted surfing at your office.

Here it goes..


Establish an encrypted connection to your pc at your home using SSH.

Use your internet explorer to use SOCKS on your local workstation i.e., fooling your IE to use proxy where you specify your local workstation as proxy using SOCKS.

Now Every request IE makes goes to proxy server which is your local desktop at office on specified port. Now SSH Client will do port forwarding to your home PC via ssh connection.

Lets Configure Now

1> Install SSH Server on your home PC. Download OpenSSH for Windows.

2> Configure OpenSSH to include local user and local group. Go to bin directory of OpenSSH Install folder.

C:\~\bin\mkpasswd -l >> ..\etc\passwd
C:\~\bin\mkgroup -l >>..\etc\group

This will add your local account to SSH Server to connect remotely.

Alternatively, you can use public key on ssh server and private key on ssh client.

3> Edit etc\sshd_config to use port 443 instead of 22, since corporate firewall may block 22 and 443 is not blocked as it is used for https connections and all the data on this port is encrypted.

Edit line "#port 22" to "port 443"  (remove #)

4> start ssh server     C:\net start opensshd

4> Now configure client on your work pc. you need to install ssh client. The best one is putty, a small single executable file that doesn’t need installation.

putty -D 8080 -S 443 -ssh <homeip>

5> Enter your home user login details to login and you see putty command prompt which is your home desktop.

6> Configure IE to use local workstation as proxy.

7> Type to see if the ip is your home IP. If so, surf the web unstricted.


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