Manage images from Hi-Resolution Camera


Modern day camera come with high resolution, which we are fond of. But the images taken have huge size in Megabytes. Uhhh…Hard to manage and share over network due to high bandwidth it needs. Inorder to manage those high resolution images, we need to convert to general size 800×600 size, so that it is convinent to carry and yet maintain a good clarity.

Here is the software which i have found on internet that simplify the job. Initially i wrote a Java code for the same purpose which needs arguments to be supplied via command line. But this program is simple to use. Just Drag and drop all the image files on this application and it will resize the images. The size to which it resizes depends on the name of the executable.

Picture Resizer 4.0

Resizing method

  • PhotoResize400.exe – maximum side 400 pixels.
  • PhotoResize_400.exe – minimum side 400 pixels.
  • PhotoResizeF400x300.exe – frame size of 400×300 pixels. The resulting image width will be smaller or equal to 400 and its height will be smaller or equal to 300 pixels.
  • PhotoResizeW400.exe – width set to 400 pixels. Height automatically computed to keep aspect ratio.
  • PhotoResizeH400.exe – height set to 400 pixels. Width automatically computed to keep aspect ratio.
  • PhotoResizeP50.exe – resize to 50%.
  • PhotoResize400x300.exe – resize to exactly 400×300 pixels. Aspect ratio is not preserved.
  • PhotoResizeD100.exe – resize to 100DPI. Physical size stays the same.
  • PhotoResizeD100T.exe – overwrite the resolution information in the header without touching the pixels.
  • PhotoResizeK20.exe – resize to approximate maximum size of 20kB.
  • PhotoResizeG1024x768.exe – use content-aware resizing to change aspect ratio while preserving content.
  • PhotoResizeA400x300.exe – crop and resize to 400×300 pixels. The central part is preserved and resized while the borders are cropped.

Additional options

  • PhotoResize400R.exe – process recursivelly all sub-folders.
  • PhotoResize400C.exe – place files to current folder (current folder can be specified in shortcut properties).
  • PhotoResize400S.exe – skip files already smaller than the requested size.
  • PhotoResize400O.exe – do not wait for Enter.
  • PhotoResize400U.exe – skip files already existing in the destination location.
  • PhotoResize400N.exe – sharpen image.
  • PhotoResize400I.exe – overwrite source files.
  • PhotoResize400M.exe – copy metadata.
  • PhotoResize400E.exe – preserve file modification time in addition to file creation time.
  • PhotoResize400Q50.exe – set compression quality to 50%.

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