Effective Presentation

Today I found one simple points to remember for a presentation. It’s simple, easy and informative. Checkout my points I remember

Structure the presentation 
    Whats the Point – what we want to tell them 
    Tell them 
    Tell what you told till now.

Opening is crucial to capture the audience, sometimes start with the question creates curiosity..  

As a presenter, your job is to create interest and get the audience to take further action. It not to tell everything you knew.

Involve the audience by mentioning the word “you” eg., “what would do if ..”. Also try to involve a volunteer out of audience into the presentaion.


  • Same background through out
  • Max 3 colors per slide
  • Max 2 fonts per slide
  • Use Charts whereever possibele to depict numbers

Yawning before giving presentation improves diction..– Hmmm.. need to checkout

 Never speak when looking down…Always speak on their faces not on the notes

BODY LANGUAGE – Smile gently

Answer the question to all the audience, not just the questioner.

Complete 101 Tips: 101 PRESENTATION TIPS for Effective Speech


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