Points to consider for Risk Assesment of Vulnerabilities

The list of items that are needed in order to assess the risk posed by the vulnerability to the corp network.
There are three factors for assessing the Risk –

  1. Likelyhood – the threat might realize in the company network
  2. Consequence – impact of the realized threat on the individual compromised/vulnerable host
  3. Impact – Overall impact of the realized threat on the company in terms of $$


  • Is the code/exploit available, published?    
  • Remotely exploitable?                
  • User interaction Required?                
  • Which version of Application is vulnerable?



  • Percentage of deployment in the company ?



  • What is the result of the vulnerability?
  • Does it run with system privilege or logged on user privilege?
  • Available Workaround?




About Uma Mahesh

A Creator/Equilizer. Creator/Equalizers are catalysts for positive, well-organized change. They never settle for the status quo. Instead, they see the opportunity for innovation in the processes that others have long taken for granted. They respect what's already operating, but they can't help but want to improve upon it. Their special combination provides innovation tempered with profound logic. They have incredible discernment. Should their efforts fail, they are unhesitating in accepting responsibility. They don't wallow in self-pity but rather see these missed attempts as critical steps on the path to success.
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