New Facebook Scam : WTF I can’t believe you’re … not too malicious seems like prank

actually this doesnt seem really as malicious as it could be. I dont see stealing any cookies.

It just posting to all your friends and when clicked it is forcing you to go to some site which is blocked as suspicious by my bluecoat proxy.

The script it asks to enter in URL links to that sends facebook update (XMLHttpRequest()) to all your friends and adds a new script to current page

Message that goes to your friends

the script located as jclock.js (not available now) and locked.js redirects to
which injects an iframe that asks for survey which goes to

Even when you click the video it goes to which collects stats. May be attacker wants to see how many idiots clicks it.

Luckily my bluecoat proxy blocks it as Suspicious.

Need to check out what is that

Overall, it seems to be like prank.


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