Superb Automated Malware Binary Analysis Service – Figure out what malware does in minutes

These days, malware are VM aware to defend against automated analysis tools such as anubis, cukoo. And these automated analysis are based on behaviour analysis of malware that gives only tip of what actually it does as they are now intellegent and donot reveal at one instant. I am not at all satisfied with the automated analysis report i see these days.

Static analysis of unpacked malware provides much better picture of its capabilities and here is the a nice tool for this need.

This is superb service, i need not be a reverse engineer however with some little technical knowledge i can figure out hostile info and what the malware does based on API Calls, Control flow and Its Capabilities in Graph view.
It tracks the malicious process via the system call interface to identify where malware unpacked itself and then dumped for dissesmbly for analysis.

A great magic wand to help any organization if they can’t afford a malware researcher.
Thanks to its development team 🙂


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