Raw Food recipes from Life Regenerator Dan


Notes Compiled by Uma Mahesh

  1. Almond Coconut Yogurt


Mung Bean Salad


Sprouted Mung beans + kottimera + tomato + onions

Salad Dressing

Olive Oil + Orange Juice + Sea Salt

Spicy Cabbage Almond Salad


Cabbage + Almond

Salad Dressing

Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey + Garlic Powder

+ Pandu Mirapakai Karam + Saindhava Lavanam

Seseme tahini

Salad Dips


1 cup Sesame seeds + 4 cloves of garlic + Zucchini +

Dates + Lemon (/Orange) + Water(/Coconut water)


Carrot , Broccoli, Calliflower, any veggie

Coconut Almond Yogurt & Avacado Dressing

Salad Dressing


Basil/kottimera (Any herb) +

Coconut Almond Yogurt +

Dates +Garlic Cloves + Saindava Lavanam)

+ Pandu Mirapa (If required hot)


    Lettuce (Any Leafy Veggie) + Sprouts + Onion + Cucumber

Raw Tacos

Cilantra -> Kottimira

Salad Base (Taco Meat)


    Walnutes + Cumin + Paprika + Sea Salt

Salad Cheese

Sprouted pumpkin seeds + Nutritional Yeast

Gaucamole Salad

Salad Dressing


(Tomatos + Onions + Garlic + Chili + Kottimera)

+ Avacado + Corn


Zucchini slices

Butternut Squash Pasta

Blend (Squash Pasta)

    Tomatos ( + Sun Dried Tomatoes) + Kottimira + Olive oil

+ lemon + garlic + sea salt + oregano + (All Herb Powders)


Gummadikayi noodles (Shredder (gummadikai) )

Mango Dill Jalapeno Dressing

Blend (Dips)

    Mangoes + Mint Leaves + Pachimirapakai


Romaine Lettuce

Butternut Squash Pudding


Pumpkin + Coconot almond yogurt + protein powder + cinnamon


About Uma Mahesh

A Creator/Equilizer. Creator/Equalizers are catalysts for positive, well-organized change. They never settle for the status quo. Instead, they see the opportunity for innovation in the processes that others have long taken for granted. They respect what's already operating, but they can't help but want to improve upon it. Their special combination provides innovation tempered with profound logic. They have incredible discernment. Should their efforts fail, they are unhesitating in accepting responsibility. They don't wallow in self-pity but rather see these missed attempts as critical steps on the path to success.
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