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Threat Intel Program – Quick Reference

Cyber Attack Taxonomy Threat Intel Taxonomy Threat Intel Classification Strategic Operational Tactical The decision by a competitor or potential competitor to enter your market space (e.g. a foreign competitor’s new five-year plan now shows interest in developing a domestic capability … Continue reading

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PCI Compliance Dashboard guiding PCI Compliance journey

A well composed guide for PCI Compliance, it includes “SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls” and many others. It helps giving simple and clear guidelines for ensuring security for any organization irrespective of PCI compliance mandate. It can be downloaded … Continue reading

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A Comparison of 60 Commercial & Open Source Black Box Web Application Vulnerability Scanners

A really good article that compares various feautures and accuracy of commercial and free WebApp Scanners. Unfortunately i didnt include some major ones like Qualys, eEye retina. However its a nice article to keep in mind. – Here

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Automation of malware analysis for mass analysis

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Google Dorks : A google hack collection

My friend referred a list of google search quotes(google Hacks) to provide some hole in a website/webapplication. I believe this could be a good starting point for any pentester to proceed. How about a script that does google search of each … Continue reading

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ARKit – Open Source Rootkit Library

ARKit is an open-source rootkit detection library for Microsoft Windows. ARKit has two components: ARKitLib.lib – A Win32/C++ static library that exposes various methods to scan system and detect rootkits ARKitDrv.sys – A device driver that actually implements methods to … Continue reading

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Source Code Analysis Tools

Source Code Analysis tools for C, C++ to identify bugs and remedition such as   Corrupted heap and stack memory Use of uninitialized variables and objects Array and string bounds errors on heap and stack Use of dangling, NULL, and … Continue reading

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