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Perl – References

References in Perl is just imitation of Pointers in C In C,   *p = &var; In Perl, $p = \$var; These references can be applied to all kinds of variables, function, hashes and arrays. Just add \ before the variable/function … Continue reading

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NMap – Notes

  Simple nmap scan C:\nmap runs a SYN scan on all the port of the machine. This also equivalent to C:\nmap –sS To Determine Scanning IP Range Nmap accepts all the various type of range specifications 192.168.1-255.1-255 192.168.*.* … Continue reading

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Perl Files Notes 3

Reading from Files my $var; read (FILE, $var, 1024); #reading in block size Similarly write(FILE, $var, 1024); This works fantastically when dealing with binary files so that fetching and writing is fast and efficient. Perl provides another set of functions … Continue reading

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Perl Notes

Perl Notes String Literals Single quotes are blind. Perl starts from ‘ and stops the literal till ‘ blindly. Double quotes parse the literal for special characters such as \t,\n\r,\U..\E and variables$var \l Change the next character to lower case … Continue reading

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Regular Expressions Notes

.  – Matches any character except \n  ^ – start  $ – end  \b – word Boundary   eg: \bBT\w*\b will select words starting with BT.  eg: hai “mahesh” how is “raj” regex: \”.*\” will match “mahesh” how is “raj” … Continue reading

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